Thursday, July 28, 2005

Heartbreak Hotel Vacancy...

Talked to MP about his "heartche"--sorta. The other day I made sure that the house was really clean and that I even had make up on before he came home from work--seems he told our oldest that he was *sure* I would feel better if I made an effort to look better, clean the house. And I am sure that is true--but it is very hard to do. And he comes home and doesn't say ONE word about the house being nice or me looking nice (or half way decent even). It really made Calie mad. So she said something (got onto him basically). Which made him say "I am not going to do back flips--these are things that should be done anyway." OH! That really ticked me off! I then went on a spill about the reason I don't work my ass off everyday cleaning and primping is because it DOES NOT MATTER. It isn't appreciated. MP made and excuse to leave the house and go to town--by the time he got back he had a different tune.

He was very apologetic (to BOTH me and Calie). He said "It DOES matter. I'm sorry I didn't say anything to you--I should have--you are right." He just kept on in that vein. I told him (Thanks SQ) "You work very hard at work--I know and appreciate that--and at the end of the week you get a paycheck from your employer. Their way of saying "Thanks for you hard work this week"--I don't get a paycheck--OR a verbal "Thanks"--makes it hard to *want* to work if you aren't getting paid SOMETHING." I think he really started to see what I was saying then.

So--has been acting nicer. And so have I. Let's hope it continues.

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