Monday, August 01, 2005

E(KKKKK) Diets

I joined E*diets today. I weigh 152--want (haha) to weigh 135. I figured...It's the beginning of a month (the month I turn 37)...And it's a Monday. What better day to start? So, I ate yogurt for b-fast. Then I ate a nice salad for lunch (with WATER)...And since I did so well at lunch I treated myself with 2 Oreos (oops). Then about 3PM I decided I would eat a green apple for a snack...With a piece of cheese and 3 more Oreos (OMG).

So, I guess I better READ what e*diets has to say huh? I learned today that you can't just join--you have to DO IT. Wouldn't it just be easier if all you had to do was pay $11.95 per month and lose 10 lbs? Or of we ALL were just--fluffy? Fluffy is nice right? No. No it is NOT. Can you imagine a fluffy B*rad P*itt? Nooooo. Or a fluffy (can't think of any beautiful women--hahahaha)? Nooooo. Gotta be trim. Slim.

I'm really just looking for jeans in the lower end of the single digits. Jeans that I can wear without pain, and a gut that doesn't need it's own pillow. I would like to be able to wear shorts again...In public if needed. And I mean--"ok to walk across the road to the mailbox" public.

For dinner I am fixing baked chicken tenders (wrapped in bacon), fresh green beans (seasoned w a little bacon) and garlic/rosemary potatoes (with melted butter). And WATER. Hold the Oreos. At least til later...

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