Saturday, August 27, 2005

No Stone Unturned, Part II...

My first Itty Bitty Baby had to go back to the ER again (remember she went 2 weeks ago?). That *damn* stone is now lodged in her. Stuck. Unmoved since the last cat scan. FINALLY a urologist will take her case. Apparently 14 is Super Duper young for a kidney stone and no one *wants* to take it on...But finally, a doctor grows balls and takes her case... And then decides to make her wait 2 more weeks to see if she will pass it on her own. Ummm, hellllo!? In 2 weeks it hasn't MOVED. What makes them think 2 more weeks will cause it to packs it's bags and head for the light!?

So, now she is home. Pain free. Percoset and Phena*grin* RX waiting to be filled in case of another PAINFUL EPISODE. Boy, her pain was intense. I felt so helpless watching her cry and scream "where do they have to get the pain medicine? CHINA!?" After her shot of good stuff she settled down and slept. I brought Caden home and picked Claudia up from school. My Mother-In-Law had Carson at her work (oh my Gawd)...And brought him home later. Cliff stayed at the ER with Calie until she was released. Poor Sweetie slept all evening.

Now my back hurts sooo bad. From being all tense. Cliff is at work. Caden is fussing. Kids are watching TV (Popeye). Calie still resting. Drinking water. Straining her pee. Waiting. Waiting for the stone to turn. If she has surgery it will be a BIG thing for her. Can you imagine? They will go up her *you-know-what* and use a tiny 'grabber' thingy and snatch (no pun intended) it out of her body. She is 14!!! She won't let her Mommy see her *you-know-what* and 10 (or so) people will be looking at it and diggin in it to get a tiny stone out of it? She will be so embarrassed. No matter what I tell her. Poor Baby.

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Bittermama said...

I had my appendix out at that age and I was completely mortified when I woke up and saw that they'd shaved me and drawn all over me. It was really hard to go through, but it would have been easier if I'd known what to expect (not my parents' fault - we were in a remote area of Germany and there was a language barrier). So it really will help her if you talk to her about it.

I can't imagine how hard it must be to see her going through this.