Saturday, August 13, 2005

No Stone Unturned...

Thursday I took Calie to a friends house to spend a few days. Her last *hurrah* before school starts next week...

Friday AM I was dreaming I was a winner on W*heel of Fortune...but it really was the phone ringing. Seems Calie had a BAD ache on her right side. And she was throwing up. So I called my sister and begged her to come take care of Satan and Lucifer (Claudia and Carson) so I could meet Calie at the hospital. MP was working at the hospital so if Calie got there before me it would be OK. He could just leave his patients in ICU and get Calie checked in.

When I got there, my little (ha. 14 years old) girl looked so small on the table. Already had an IV in. They gave her pain and anti nauseous meds. Then did a CAT scan. Seems she has a kidney stone (AT HER AGE!?). 2-3 cm. They think it will pass on it's own. So she was sent home (hours later) with T*ylenol 3 and antibiotics (her white count was hight too). I have to take her in to her ped on Tuesday...for a follow up. I've been forcing cranberry juice and water down her. She is loving her "patient" status. Poor baby. Caden was very good at the hospital. Cooing and making laughy faces at the nurses.

Oh! One sour (very sour) note: While waiting in the CAT scan waiting room this old man sat down and made goo-goo eyes at Caden. He said "That's one fine little boy there. Is he yours? or your granbaby?" OMG!!!! Did I look that OLD!? geez...thanks, old fart. Just for that I made sure to flop my boob out and feed MY baby. Can a granny do THAT!? I think they better NOT.

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