Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hip Hip (not) Horray!

My hip is driving me INSANE. I went to the crack (not quack) doctor (AKA chiropractor) again today. My 3rd time. My hip feels no better now than before. I really think it's bursitis--which sounds like and old persons disease--and I am not that old, am I? I think I'm gonna see a pain specialist (will he give me GOOD drugs? And I mean better than the Vico*din I eat every night...Just one, don't freak) I don't care if he wants to jab a big ole needle into my hip and squirt cortisone into it. It hurts right *now*. Plus, the crack doctor isn't on my insurance list--so...cha CHING!! And a pain specialist will just be a $40 copay! It'll be a bargain!

The pain keeps me from exercising (that and I am lazy, as lazy can be). And did I tell you? My Oreo count was a grand total of...ummm...Let me see,...10-12 cookies yesterday. That's the bad news...The good news is: There are no more Oreos in the house. So I figure that my eating them all yesterday is GOOD for my diet--right? 'Cause I can't eat any TODAY! yippeee!

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