Sunday, August 28, 2005


Yesterday it rained here. A thunderstorm, really. So today dawns wet and humid as all get out. Like it *should* be raining, it is so humid. Steal your breath humid. MP is at work. Calie went to church with friends. Carson hit Claudia in the face with a belt earlier. Claudia got her revenge by refusing to share her last Dum Dum sucker with him. And at this minute Claudia is screaming "Momma! Momma! Carson hit me..." I ignored her. So now the plea is changing to "Mommy. Mommy. Come spank Carson..." I'm still ignoring her. Caden is cooing in his pack n play. But that won't last. Coffee has been consumed. Diapers changed. Bed made. Dryer going. Washer going. A l oad of clothes actually folded AND put away--and I figure that is enough for today. Right!? I mean, it's not even 9AM yet. OH! And I took a shower. I'm clean.

I like Sundays. I like the idea of a day to get your shit together before Monday. It's like a chance to start over every single week. Almost like New Years--every week. I make resolutions every Sunday. "This week I will get all the laundry caught up. And I will clean out my closet. And mop the bathroom floors." Uh Huh. yeah. right. But I like the IDEA--don't you!? Like a fresh start. A clean slate. A do over. YEAH! A Do Over!

Today is Lindy's Birthday: . Happy Birthday Lindy--I hope this is your year. May your wish come true.

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