Wednesday, August 17, 2005

School Daze...

Oh Dear Lord, a few days ago a friend of mine called to ask if I had Claudia registered for PreK. Ummm, no. Here you have to be POOR to get into PreK. She informed me that we are indeed what the federal govt considers "poor" for a family of 6. OMG. This was the *day before school starts*!!! So I had one day to get her registered. Get her supplies. Get myself prepared. Get her prepared. Get myself prepared. Oh, I already said that. But I am still not really prepared.

This morning my oldest daughter started High School. My youngest daughter started PreK. Both of them had a hard time going to sleep last night. Both were very excited and got right up this morning tho. Claudia said "This is my BIG day!" Boy, is it ever. Calie (bless her heart) was so nervous. She was unable to eat breakfast. I drove Claudia to school (with Caden). MP and Carson took Calie. I can't wait til I pick the girls up t his afternoon--I hope their day goes GREAT. I hope ours does too. Me and the boys at home alone. All day. I'm afraid Carson will miss Claudia so much. And I will miss Calie's help. And I really hope that Claudia wants to go back tomorrow. Calie too.

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myfuckingeye said...

My niece Alejandra got into free pre-K and my niece's (alejandra's older sister) kid (my grand niece?) got into Pre-K by paying, which made no sense to me because Im pretty sure my brother and his family have slightly way more money than my niece and her husband. Texas makese no sense.