Friday, August 19, 2005

Pour Whyte Trashe...

Ya know, I told you that we met the criteria for Claudia to start PreK here. Which means that our government considers us dirt poor. Well, that *could* be true. We do struggle at times. We have to watch the pennies sometimes. We eat IN more than OUT. But the bills get paid. There just is no *extra* stuff alot of times. Calie started High School with nice clothes thanks to my MIL. She took Calie on a shopping trip to Austin. And Calie babysat a little this Summer and had $120 to spend on clothes. And then we were able to kick in some she started the year with 11 new tops, a skirt, 2 pairs of flip flops and a new pair of running shoes and 3 pairs of jeans. When my MIL found out that Claudia was starting school too she said "Oh no. I already spent all my extra money on Calie", she was all worried that Claudia would start school in ratty stuff (but was too kind to put it in those words...).

And then *MIMI* came to town. Mimi is my Aunt--who I feel is really my Mommy. She raised me (well, from 14 on). She bought Claudia (who is named after Mimi) some clothes. Some shoes. A backpack and lunchbox. Some *stylin'* stuff (On sale--but niiiice stuff). So, my kid, who is in a government funded class, will be sportin' T*ommy H*illfiger tennis shoes this Fall. And L*evis--not W*al M*art F*aded G*lory jeans! She looked sooooo cute this AM. So cute. Way high on "the cute chart". But I felt guilty. Gulity that we are 'poor'--but my kid is dressed nice. So I made sure to mention to her teacher this morning: "Claudia was SO excited to wear her new clothes this morning. Her Mimi came to visit and took her to town to buy new clothes. I don't know what we would do without Mimi. She is such a blessing to us." All to make sure that Ms. N knows that we really are poor, regardless that Claudia looks like a mini supermodel decked in the latest fashions.

The other day Calie asked me "Why is it that Claudia can go to PreK? What do you mean we *qualify*?" I said (jokingly, btw): "Well, basically, we are poor white trash." And she replied "YOU can be poor white trash, but *I* am NOT!" and she wasn't joking. But it was funny.

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