Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mr Green Beans...

Caden is 15 weeks old now. I promise, when he is older, I will NOT say: "Caden is 144 weeks old now!"... Anyways, tonight I made fresh green beans. They were good. We had chicken and fresh corn on the cob too. While we ate, Caden sat at our feet in his bouncy chair. And he threw a fit. So, I mashed up a green bean with my fork and fed it to him on my finger. OMG. He loooved it. He sucked it off and fussed for more. So I opened a small jar of green beans and fed him about 1/4 of it. I hope it doesn't make him have a tummy ache. I sorta dread the whole "feeding" thing. 'Cause they can't do it themselves. And it's messy. And it is tiiiime consuming. And messy. But I guess it has to happen sometime huh? Another thing--I know when I start feeding him food (and not 100% boob) that my period will come back. Selfish, I know. But I *really* wanted to keep it away as long as possible. Especially since MP isn't *fixed* yet.

Probably should have given Caden cereal first--but green beans was a huge hit. Me, MP and Caden are the only ones in the house that ate green beans tonight--everyone else is anti veggies, except Claudia ate 3 servings of corn on the cob (hog).

Makes me think of Mr Green J*eans from C*aptain Kangaroo--remember that show? Now...You know I'm old.

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