Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Shop Til Ya Drop...

I took Calie school shopping yesterday. She starts HIGH SCHOOL in a week or so... I'm having a hard time realizing that I have a baby starting high school and one rolling over (and 2 in between). The shopping was...fun, if you like watching a PICKY 14 year old try on 25+ pairs of jeans and hate them ALL. We went to 5*7*9*, B*ody Shop, G*adzooks, and (finally) found sucess at W*et Seal. OH! and we looked at Am*bercrombie.... LOOKED, I say. We walked in there and this 17 year old fashion plate walks up... "Can I help you?" I saw her checking out my F*aded Glory Shirt/capris and SHOES... I saw her mind whirling: "This W*al Mart crack whore can't afford a T-shirt in here!" I told her we were just looking for jeans. "Any particular style?" ("Wonder if Miss F*aded Glory KNOWS what *style* IS!?") "Ummm, no. Just looking." So Calie looked at jeans (none under $75). And then we left. Snuck out really.

Before we hit the mall we went to Target and bought a lightweight (cheap) stroller for Caden (he was with us). I forgot the Mack Daddy G*raco stroller at home and was damed if I was gonna carry Caden all over the mall! I had the hardest time putting it together out in the parking lot! I was determined to do it--but I SUCK at putting crap together. This little "pin" thingy was causing me sooooo much grief. I was standing in the parking lot--using the tailgate as a work station--sweat rolling down the crack of my ass... Calie stood there holding Caden while I tried to hurry. But I DID IT! But now my thumb is hurting from trying to jab the "pin" thing on to keep the wheels from falling off. And then guess what!? The stroller is so small that its hard for me (I'm too tall I guess) to push. I feel like I am pushing a DOLL stroller! But it did the job--and I made Calie do most of the pushing. I almost (and I do mean ALMOST) ran a lady down in T*arget--hard for me to steer too.

Calie ended up with 3 new bras, a new straightener for her hair, 2 new pair of flip flops and 3 new pair of jeans. Thank goodness she bought 12 new shirts with her own (and Nanny's) money! And she bought new tennis shoes and a few pairs of earrings. I think she is set--OH! Ah, she even bought a SKIRT! Last night she gave me a fashion show. I swear, she looked so grown up. Her boobies look like apples in her shirts. And her legs are so long. Did I ever wear size zero? I dont think so... She stomped into the living room looking like a participant on America's Next Super Model...I could tell she thought she looked great too... It made me feel so good to know she LIKED the way she looked. All we have to get now are school supplies. Can you imagine when Claudia, Carson AND Caden start school? We will have to take out a loan for school clothes and supplies!

Maybe I can convince them that F*aded Glory is hip and cool? and that W*al Mart S*uperCenter is really a MALL!? I girl can dream.

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