Thursday, August 07, 2008

Can I TGIF 3 Hours Early?...

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my worst days at work. 14 children who are 3 years old is too much. Even for someone in their RIGHT mind.I even have an aide--but, ha, she's only 17 and is good for reading them a book but that's about it. I have said a certain phrase sooooo much in my classroom that I can start to say "What kind of family are we...?" and they shout/scream back at me: "WE ARE A SHARING FAMILY"!! Yet they refuse to share. They refuse to WALK in the classroom. They refuse to flush our toilet. They scratch, bite, hit, shove, kick and spit on each other all day. And then, every once in awhile--something good happens.

I was approached in WalMart the other day by a lovely woman. She was maybe 30-something. "Are you Ms. Martie?" I was afraid to answer. Ummmmm. Is it GOOD to be her? Or baaaad? "Yes. Yes I am!" "My son goes to the school...he talks about you ALL the time. Ms. Martie this, Ms. Martie that. He tells us all the time that you are soooooo pretty! I hope you continue in the three year old class--he moves up to the 3's in the Fall." OMG. I've interacted with this particular child maybe 4 times. He's cute as a bug. THIS is how I GET paid. The measly check I deposit is laughable. But the love--when you get it--is priceless. But Tuesdays and Thursdays still suck.

This weekend I get to go away on a short trip with my boyfriend. I literally can NOT wait. I look forward to the drive. I look forward to sleeping in a hotel--with dark drapes and coooooold air conditioning. Breakfast bars and buffet dinners. Blackjack watching and slot machine sounds. Sleeping late. Just being around him with NO PLANS.

So, excuse me if I start to celebrate the weekend a little early. I SO deserve this--and even if I don't deserve it--I am gonna have a BLAST!!

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