Sunday, August 03, 2008

Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned...

Church was great today. I took my 3 (Calie has a job now...she was going to go with us but had to work). Sweets took his 4. So we had 7 kids with us. Caden went to the nursery and the other six went to Children's church.

Mr X and I were sitting in our regular spot, near the back (next to last row) when Mr X said "Oh no! My parents are here!". They went to Sunday school at their church but thought they would visit ours for Big Church. They sat right behind us. I hope they liked the church/pastor. I think it would be cool if they started going to our church.

I really like the Pastor. He's young enough to be up and well versed...but old enough to know what he's doing. After church was over I went to get Caden from the nursery. And found out he had bit someone. HARD. Drew blood. ON HER STOMACH!! I thought "Geez. I don't want us to get kicked out of CHURCH!" I waited til we got to Sweets parents to "spare the rod, spoil the child". He wasn't spoiled at all. He has been biting lately. He even bit Mr X on the shoulder today. And bit Mr X oldest daughter on the finger--very hard. I threatened to pull his teeth out. He wasn't impressed.

After we all changed clothes we took all 7 to a nearby "Trades Day". We walked around looking at all the wares. I took Cokes and Green Tea in my backpack so we wouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg for drinks there. And we took the kids to McDonalds before hand. It was very hot. HOT-hot. Like 100* with HIGH humidity. Claudia's face was so red. Bless her heart.

BD (the ex) asked me if I could take the kids for a few extra day this next week. He even said "I'll pay ya" OMG! Of course I threatened to choke him if he ever said that to me again! I knew this would happen. He wanted it in the divorce papers that HE is Primary Custodian--but I knew he wouldn't be able to do the job like he thought he wanted to. I don't care. I get to see my kids more. Even though they HATE daycare. Plus, I have my medicine now. And Mr X and I are going out of town next weekend. On a much needed "mini vacation". Just us. No kids. No jobs. We could sleep late!! We haven't slept late or spent the DAY with each other--EVER. I'm looking SO forward to it. Watch this next week crawl by.

After we left Trades Day, I was following Mr X and he drove to the house we are building. I was surprised, because he had said we were going to his parents. When e pulled in the driveway, he jumped out of his car and said "I just wanted to see what it would feel like to take all the kids HOME." Mmmmmm. I love this man.

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