Saturday, August 30, 2008

What's That On Your Finger...?

Yep. Yep. Yep. My party was fun. We laughed our a$$es off. Drank. Ate. Laughed some more. Drank some more. Told funny stories. Watched the Rice football game (yeah, but it was fun). My all time favorite people were here!!

Then, suddenly, everyone was gone. Just me and Mr X. So very near midnight--we went for a stroll. No moon, a few stars. Just me and my heart walking hand in hand. A short walk. But nice.

On the way back in the house, he stops me on the steps.

"Wait. Sit here for a minute."

I sit on the top step. He kneels before me a few steps down. He takes my hands in his. Says very sweet words. Before I know it, a ring is on my finger. He tells me that he told his kids and his parents before he came over, and that my sister knew too. I love this about him. Well, lots of things actually. But he knows how to be sweet. And still be a man (LMAO). Altho, he didn't notice I had a new rug in my living room--after he walked all over it twice. And it is a 5' X 7' rug--so it's not like it was tiny.

The next morning at 7:30AM. His oldest daughter called to see what my answer was! How 'bout that? When she heard I had said YES, she screamed all over the house... Silly girl.

My kids were excited too. I showed them my hand and Claudia said "WHAT is that on your finger? Did you marry Mr X!!? LOL Claudia is a little mad and sad that when my name changes that hers won't also. Her reasoning? *I* gave birth to her, so whatever MY name is, hers should be the same!! I explained, that altho she is VERY smart, the law doesn't see it that way.

Caden grabbed Mr X's girls) and held them tight and said "These are my sissers". Awwwwww, even Caden gets it! Carson was excited that Mr X would be his Step-Daddy and that he would have step brothers. Our kids get along GREAT.

So, now we are engaged. But, really, we were a long time ago. A few lifetimes ago. So, this doesn't feel strange, or scary, or make me anxious. It just feels right.

I promise to post something that is not romantic Monday or Tuesday. It may include dinosaurs or ADHD fits (1st day of school). It may include a story about my 17 year old--trust me, you will shake your head on this one.

PS: If today was what 40 will be like for the rest of the year--it should be the best year of my life!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!!! And a belated Happy 40th. Welcome to the old lady club!


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Anonymous said...

Forty is treating you good, girl. I'm so happy you're happy. (Are you tired of me saying that yet?) It makes it a little easier that I share my birthday with you. Wish I could have been at the party. :-)