Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday John McCain, Michael Jackson and ME...

This morning I got up early. It was my first day to take the kids to school since they had been with their Dad the first 4 days. As I walked into the living room, Claudia said from her bed "Happy Birthday, Momma! Ummmm, why do you wear your panties up your crack?" Note to self: Now is the time to stop walking through the house in a Tshirt and thong.

Later Carson got up and asked me how old I was. "I'm 40 today, pumpkin." His reply? "Gosh, does that mean you were born FOURTY YEARS ago?" Ahhhh, it does indeed.

I've received numerous text wishes and a few gifts from my kids in class. I'm having a great day--and it promises to only get better. I'm on my lunch break now, baking a german chocolate cake for the party tonight. I can't stand german chocolate cake--but my mother gave me 20 cake mixes and 2 tubs of icing (all german choc icing)--along with 40 million cans of green beans, pinto beans, corn and sloppy joe mix. Thanks, Mom.

So, if you're in the neighborhood, you should stop by around 8PM or so. We will be the house that 2 cop cars are parked at--and beer cans in the yard.

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