Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Like My Love Spread On THICK...

So. I thought I'd do a little speading myself. I have a couple new links that I just added to my blog list. Don't let the names scare you off. These are the sort of people I would love to hang out with--and did once, back when I was on that mental ward at the "nut hut". Alas, now I only hang out with sane humans who try to bend and mold me into a sane human as well--but I'm not having it, peoples!~ I will continue the good fight.

I am home today from work, feeling ill. Got me a tummy virus. Or, rather it started in the tummy...worked its way downward, effen ya know what I mean. So, I'm laying in bed. Loopy from Gatorade and PhenAgrin ;) Reading my new bestest friends, who don't even know it yet.

Comments are like cookies. Too many make ya fat(headed). None leaves you feeling deprived. Choco chip is my favvvve!

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Anonymous said...

Oooh how I hate being sick in the summer. Not that I particularly enjoying being sick any other time of the year, but summer is extremely miserable.