Saturday, August 09, 2008

Sunshine Saturday...

My stepdad has always called Saturdays "Sunshine Saturdays". Because, when you are a kid--Saturdays are where it's at! There's sleeping in til 7AM, cartoons and Fruit Loops. There's playing outside all day and eating PB&Js. Riding your bike down to Johnny Cartwrights house, cause his Mom has the best snacks...

It's thundering outside right now. But today is still a Sunshine Saturday to me. Today we leave to go on our trip. It's only a five hour drive--piece of cake. I am so excited about this trip. If it lives up to HALF the's gonna be gooood. I don't even CARE if I win any money. I just wanna sleep late. And eat some food that *I* didn't cook.

Plus, being with Mr X--alllll by myself. I mean, does it get any better? If I wake in the middle of the night and he is here (He only spends the night when the kids aren't here), I have the HARDEST time going back to sleep. I love to watch him sleep. He looks like the cutest little boy--with facial hair. I love to snuggle up to him. He's so warm. And when he isn't snoring--his breathing is the sweetest music.

Speaking of music. We have "weird" taste. Or rather "random" taste. Matchbox 20, The Fratellis, One Republic, Coldplay, Journey and last night--we spend about 30 minutes or more listening to...Whitney Houston and (gasp) BARRY MANILLOW on youtube. We sing in the shower "Purple Rain, Purple Rain...", we text each other song lyrics. We like old stuff. We LOVE 80's and we like current stuff. We like the new songs at church--and we giggle over the OLD songs we sing from the hymnals. Music is good. I'll pack my CD case for our trip, make sure it has some Prince, some Alicia Keyes and maybe some Disco tunes! hee hee.

I hope you are enjoying a Sunshine Saturday. Watch a cartoon (while you fold those clothes), eat a PB&J, wash your bike and call Johnny Cartwright--oh, wait, I think he's still in the pen. Anyways, have a good weekend folks. I am.

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