Monday, August 18, 2008

Our House, In The Middle Of Our Street...

I told you that Mr X is building a house, right? He started it awhile ago, as a project to just build and then turn around and sell. At the time it *was* his full time job. But then reality set in and he had to get a "real job". So then the house turned into a hobby--or project of sorts. Then... he met me.

He claims (and I'm not saying hes lying...but I find it hard to believe) that *I* made him feel like finishing it. It was originally only 3 bedrooms. Now he's framed the garage into 2 more bedrooms. So, a 5 bedroom house begs for a big family, huh? So, he decided to keep the house. It's almost all paid for. So the mortgage (plus insurance and taxes) will be under $500 per month. That's less than the rent I pay on this (oh, I hate to admit it) t-t-trailer I live in now.

I got off work tonight and went and bought marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers and headed to the house. I knew he was there working on his day off from "real work" and that he had his oldest daughter (shes 10) with him. After I helped him put up the last wall in the garage we went to his parents house and ate and had "microwave" smores (it was raining at the new house). We all sat at the kitchen table of his parents house and talked and laughed and had a good time. I can't wait to move into that house with him and his kids (part time) and my kids (part time). I can't wait until there are 9 people all sleeping under that roof.

The house is right next to the school--you can walk to it. See the football field lights from the front porch. But it's in the country. Lots of big trees in the yard. Birds chirping. Squirrels playing in the trees. Our church is about 10 minutes away. And the town is so freaking tiny that they share a school district with the NEXT teeny tiny town. Yet we are close to "Town" and all the amenities we need, you know, Wal Mart, Movie Gallery, Pizza Hut and even McDonalds.

His youngest daughter (8) told her grandmother "looks like I'll have a step sister who is ALSO my friend!"... that makes me happy. I know it will be hard. And trying. But I can honestly say, that at this point in my life, along with good strong medication and alcohol induced meditation... I can do this. I *want* to do this.

Feels like I'm about to get on a ride at Six Flaggs. I'm scared. Nervous. Anxious. And I CAN NOT WAIT!!!! Woooohooooo! But I won't forget to keep my arms inside the ride at all times.


Shonda Little said...

Wow, that's a big house! Sounds like you have a good guy.

Also, that comment you left on my blog totally made me love you like I am a lezbo. Did you know swanky compliments are the way to my heart?
Do you mind if I write a small post with that on my blog? I will link it back to you.

Anonymous said...

Big house, big family, big love. (okay, not THAT kind of big love but you know...)

So glad happiness is in your life. You deserve it. -- v